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Big Data

Big Data Big Benefits

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intech's Big Data consultants can work with you to form a layout to victory with Big Data analytics. No matter what state your data is, our big data experts can assist you get on the right track and start delivering results

With the world's domination for digital communication growing, there is an evolving chance for your organization providing your IT infrastructure retains the horsepower to take advantage of Big Data.
Big Data assures big benefits, but also holds a big challenge. Furthermore to its raised volume, Big Data is extremely different. Almost 90% of Big Data is unstructured rolling outside standard file structures or formats that would make it feasible. Besides, Big Data is categorized by high speed, as flowing data can call for milliseconds to respond. That's where Vintech can help your big data consulting needs. Our big data professionals can help you protect your data, assure handiness; safety and compliance and lifecycle security across your Big Data landscape, including improving your backup and stability.

Big Data: A new way to think about data – and a new way of doing business

Familiarizing with Big Data means knowing how to best capture, fetch and evaluate the bulk amounts of data that all businesses need to potentially keep up in today's economy. With many companies today producing terabytes and even petabytes of data, that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional databases and retrieval methods no longer work, as they can't manage the Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity requirements being driven by Big Data.

At Vintech, we are hardheaded. We work with our clients to recognize the best move that is suitable for their situation. We focus on recognizing, developing, and distributing business value for our customers. We source talent, as much or as little as required, to match your existing team, quickly adopt Big Data "best practices", and develop, support and maintain your Big Data environments.

Advanced application development

Big Data is not just about data integration and analytics in Hadoop and it is a high volume data processing application, with custom interfaces that possibly will be used by thousands of users. At times it is the only way to scale an application that has blown or outgrown its existing OLTP database. However, Vintech's Big Data engineering team is ready to work for you using core Big Data technologies including Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Apache HBase ,Cassandra, and recent application frameworks from Cloudera and HDFS/Map-Reduce to help you build your next generation data application.

Big Data & Analytics on Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source software framework for distributed storage and processing big data on large clusters of commodity hardware. Basically, it achieves two tasks: massive data storage and faster processing Hadoop has become known as the platform of preference when you require to run analysis against large quantities of multi-structured data for better business approach.

Although every organization is dissimilar their big data is often very similar. Hadoop, as a significant piece of an emerging modern data architecture, is gathering massive amounts of data across social media activity, clickstream data, web logs, financial transactions, videos, and machine/sensor data from equipment in the field. These "new" data sources all share the common big data characteristics of volume (size),velocity (speed) and variety (type) and were sometimes considered as low to medium value or even 'exhaust data': too expensive to store and analyze. And it is these types of data that is rotating the discussion from "data analytics" to "big data analytics": because so much insight can be discovered for business improvement. To make perfectly clear, these types of data are not strictly "new" they have existed for some time but there was never very much of it (by today's standards). With Hadoop, businesses are learning to see these types of data as inexpensive, accessible daily sources of insight and competitive edge, all from what theywere previously deleting, shredding or saving to tape

Key Benefits include

Distribute data and computation.

Ability to rapidly process large amounts of data in parallel

Multi-Structured Data Management

Faster Query & Analysis – 10-100X Improvement

High performance Ad hoc Query – SQL

MapReduce support - Pig

Enterprise Grade Security, Scalability, Resilience

Hadoop Deployment Services:

Vintech consultants has many projects experience delivering nonstop software solutions that enable organizations to meet today's data challenges. Our consultants can help you organize, configure, install and run your Hadoop deployment, make sure it is faultless to accomplish your business goals. Doesn't matter what version of Hadoop you are using, our experts has the essential experience to ensure your unique challenges are met