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Working With Vintech


mployees are our key asset and strength. We provide an environment of creativity learning, and innovation that helps employees achieve their potential. High quality work opportunities from the worlds top technology companies, coupled with the freedom to experiment and innovate, have made Vintech a preferred and great place to work.

People, Practice and Processes are the three cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence at Vintech. We keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and we respond actively to transform it into action. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement.

Open discussion, a commitment to excellence, innovation and exploration are part of the Vintech DNA that enables holistic development of employees. Vintech believes in the work-life balance‚ and people are encouraged to combine their careers with family life. Vintech open door policy allows employees to reach out to the management team‚ to discuss their concerns and challenges or suggest ideas for improvement. Employees often get to meet key executives of the organization face-to-face‚ and are even called upon to participate in functional meets.

Reasons to join Vintech

Your values are our values

We're guided by seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty, and fun. If you share those values, then you'll find your place with us.

People come first

Through our People Charter, we encourage free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, and wellbeing in the workplace for everyone.

Never stop learning

At Vintech, you'll learn regularly with new technology and start exploring.

Feel free to grow

Over the course of your career, your goals may shift. Want to change your focus? Switch tracks? We're here to help.

Get inspired by your colleagues

Our cultural diversity means you'll always have something to learn from those around you.

Forget the notion of the "typical day"

Challenge and variety are constants here. From the work you do to the people you meet to the places you travel, we'll keep you on your toes.

Strike a balance that works for you

You're human—and so are we! We strive to make sure our employees achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance.

Count on us for career growth

We're always growing and so should you. We prioritize the personal development of our team members.

Your Love for Travel

You'll have opportunities to travel or work in different locations.

Dig in your first day

Whether you join us as a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you'll start to work directly on challenging projects from day one.