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Cloud Computing



loud computing refers to the distribution of computing services over a registered network or the Internet. Those services primarily involve infrastructure (i.e. servers, storage devices, etc.), development platforms, and software applications. The Cloud represents to the several data centers situated all over the world that store the hardware essential to deliver cloud services. The latest explosion of virtualization technology, on which cloud computing is established, has contributed to its present popularity.

Either you are processing applications that send photos to millions of mobile users or you are supporting the vital operations of your corporation, the "cloud" offers fast access to adaptable and inexpensive IT resources. With cloud computing, you don't require to make huge advance investments in hardware and spend plenty of time on the lifting managing bulky hardware. Alternatively, you can run precisely the correct type and size of computing resources you want to influence your modern bright idea or drive your IT division. You can access as many resources as you need, quiet immediately, and only pay for what you use.

Cloud Computing delivers an easy way to access servers, storage, databases and a wide range of application services on the Internet. Cloud Computing providers maintain individual network-connected hardware devices essential for these application services, however you set up and use what you need through a web application.

The Cloud is an evolving, growing and ever changing technology. Vintech has a team of experts that are continuously advanced in the leading edge developments and management of Salesforce products to meet your IT needs. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,, and more.

Advantages and Benefits of Cloud Computing


Disaster recovery

Automatic software updates

Capital Expenditure free

Increased collaboration

Work from anywhere

Document control



High Availability and Massive Scalability

Vintech has several dedicated Senior IT professionals focused on delivering Cloud Services to our clients.

We specialize in

Senior Cloud Architects

Cloud System Engineers

Cloud Software Developers

Cloud Capacity Planners

Cloud Project Managers

Cloud Security Specialists

Cloud Enterprise Architects

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